My Brother’s Bakery

100% Plant-Based and many Gluten Free Options

Made with the love of a family

When I first began my journey as a plant-based restaurant owner, I didn’t do it alone. My brother Jorge gave up everything – and I mean everything – to be by my side and support me on this mission of love. He left his career, moved across the country, and left his old life behind to slap on some gloves and get cooking.   Along the way, and due to the nature of the food business’ low margins, he was unable to keep up with mortgage payments and was forced to sacrifice his home! Despite this major life setback, he was the one at the store every morning at 5am mopping the floors, and the one still there at 11pm doing the dishes. He was the backbone of my endeavor.


In addition to managing the business with me, he created guest favorites such as a peanut butter coffee cake, brownies a la mode, and even baked up cinnamon buns so good that they usually sold out before he even made his way carrying the tray of decadent scents from the back kitchen to the front of the restaurant.

Years later, the comfort of my brother lives on in this gluten-free, plant-based bakery that is designed to make you feel cared for. It is my hope that when you visit My Brother’s Bakery you experience the feelings of comfort, support and love that my brother Jorge has infused in its legacy.

My Brother’s Bakery is named in honor of my older brother Jorge, and as a symbol of unity for all of my brothers and sisters out there in the world.

PS: I hope you like Jorge’s cinnamon buns too!

“”My brother insprired me to become vegan at a young age. My wife, gave me the inspiration to bake a new vegan world…”.”


Right inside the vShops Vegan Food Hall


You are welcomed anytime. Come and try a delicious coffee from our neighbo Morning Glory Organic Coffee!


Plenty of vegan gluten free options  

100% VEGAN

Whether we bake it ourselves or bring in fellow bakers’ goods, we will always be 100% vegan